• We Build on Talent

    At Interbrands, employees are a part of a culture of recognition and respect, as they work in an environment that fosters both personal and professional growth. As market leader, we attract, retain and develop the Talents of the industry, securing a dynamic, demanding, stimulating, development-centered working environment.

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  • Growth for the Client,

    Value for the Customer

    We are fullycommitted to addressing the consumers 'needs, no matter where they shop daily (on top of a mountain or down town the big cities). We strive to provide excellent value for the shoppers, as well as business growth built on outstanding service for the stores.

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  • First-Class Partner

    to First-Class Brands

    At Interbrands we believe in long-term, sustainable partnerships with key FMCG players, resulting in building market-leading brands. Our 20 years of experience together with these top partners delivered top-of-the-line results: most brands in Interbrands' portfolio have become category leaders over time.

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  • Commitment to Excellence

    in Service

    We make a difference on the market through our unique full-service national network, that provides us with the logistic capabilities and commercial knowledge to cover directly all channels – international accounts, wholesalers, sub-distributors, supermarkets, pharmacies, high-frequency stores, e-commerce.

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  • Enjoy the Right Choice!

    Interbrands is the right choice for its employees, clients, partners, consumers and for its shareholder. All should enjoy having made this choice just as much as we in Interbrands enjoy being together, getting things done and striving for excellence.

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Product Development

Interbrands is continuously and completely dedicated to serving the Romanian consumers, no matter where they shop daily. This is the key reason for which Interbrands covers on weekly basis more than 27,000 outlets across Romania, no matter if they are remotely situated on top of a mountain or down town the big cities. We are honored and thank our trade partners for putting their trust and good will with us for the 20 years since we opened the operations in Romania. Thanks to our partners (international players with solid reputation), we strive to provide good products with excellent value for the shoppers, as well as good profitability and excellent operations for the stores.

Moreover, when we perceive (as a result of thorough and consistent analysis of market trends) that our consumers could benefit from a better value proposition, we step outside our traditional categories in order to meet the challenge of offering them new brands or products, either from new business partners or as our own brands (as described below):

  • Canned Fish (Korab, Puerto del Gusto): products with a special taste, attractive packaging and appealing logo;
  • Personal Care (Naturalesse and Ops): cotton pads, cotton buds, make-up removing wipes, travel wipes) ; while Ops covers the value market segment with a good quality-price proposal and diversified range, Naturalesse is the premium brand of an exceptional quality;
  • Condoms (Ops Pleasure Play): the „impulse range” that comes to complete the brand portfolio that the company sells (Gillette, Duracell), of a standard quality and good price;
  • Paper Towels / Tissues (Bono): wide product range of good quality and premium packaging, at an average price;   
  • Soap and Sanitizing Gel (Fresko & Pops): mainstream and value market segment-oriented, designed for the young (colored, joyful packaging);
  • Fresheners (Tucan): value price, good quality, good range;
  • Cleaning Wipes (Lustro Rapido): wide range of cleaning tissues for all household surfaces (furniture, kitchen appliances, ceramic, tile), average priced, attractive packaging, premium quality.