• Commitment to Excellence

    in Service

    We make a difference on the market through our unique full-service national network, that provides us with the logistic capabilities and commercial knowledge to cover directly all channels – international accounts, wholesalers, sub-distributors, supermarkets, pharmacies, high-frequency stores, e-commerce.

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  • Enjoy the Right Choice!

    Interbrands is the right choice for its employees, clients, partners, consumers and for its shareholder. All should enjoy having made this choice just as much as we in Interbrands enjoy being together, getting things done and striving for excellence.

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  • Growth for the Client,

    Value for the Customer

    We are fullycommitted to addressing the consumers 'needs, no matter where they shop daily (on top of a mountain or down town the big cities). We strive to provide excellent value for the shoppers, as well as business growth built on outstanding service for the stores.

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  • We Build on Talent

    At Interbrands, employees are a part of a culture of recognition and respect, as they work in an environment that fosters both personal and professional growth. As market leader, we attract, retain and develop the Talents of the industry, securing a dynamic, demanding, stimulating, development-centered working environment.

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  • First-Class Partner

    to First-Class Brands

    At Interbrands we believe in long-term, sustainable partnerships with key FMCG players, resulting in building market-leading brands. Our 20 years of experience together with these top partners delivered top-of-the-line results: most brands in Interbrands' portfolio have become category leaders over time.

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Interbrands had a powerful entrance on the Romanian market having the US marketer Procter & Gamble as its first partner. Afterwards, many other top-tier companies from different market sectors joined Interbrands in its efforts to bring the best products in the basket of the Romanian consumer.

Interbrands is the Romanian FMCG distributor with the highest turnover and sales force, First-Class Partner to First-Class Brands. Sustainable competitive advantages of our partnerships allow us to maintain and improve our position in the market by:

  • Long-term partnerships, on mutually sustainable terms;
  • Specialised sales force, in-depth dedicated to the market channels we address;
  • Business model (focus, flexibility, change management);
  • On-going investments in people, systems and, logistics;
  • Quality Management;
  • Efficiently-used synergies.


Follow our company history for an overview on our major partnerships:

1993 – Partnership with Procter & Gamble and the first two distribution centers;

1997 – The distribution of British American Tobacco products starts;

1999 – Interbrands distribute Gillette products, 36 distribution centers;

2000 – The start of the partnership with Nestlé, establishing a new division for the pharmaceutical sector;

2001 – The first integrated IT system and the creation of a new retail division;

2007 – New partners are added to our portfolio and we exceed the threshold of 1 billion Euros in distributed products. The increase of 37% over 2006 figure is the most spectacular turnover growth of the company, surpassing the 35% growth rate recorded in 2005 vs. 2004. Interbrands reached this point through organic growth of the company one year earlier than the management team estimated in 2006;

2008 – A year of transformation with continuous portfolio development – the Henkel brands are added;

2009 – A year of challenges and opportunities, despite and because of the global economic crisis. This year starts with two new additions to the suppliers' portfolio of Interbrands;

2010 – Interbrands' portfolio enriched with 3M brands; also, 2010 was the year when Interbrands acquired Wella from Procter&Gamble;

2011 – Partnerships with Angelli and Comceh Sofidel (Regina, Volare, Soft & Easy).

2012 – Interbrands' portfolio grows bigger, with 17 new well-known brands like Johnson & Johnson, Sarantis, Scandia, Barilla, Maxim's, Strauss, Pan Foods, Mars, Dr. Oetker, VinArte, Domeniile Coroanei, Noriel Toys - all with a view to accomodating the needs of our on-line customers;

2013 – A new challenging year, our distribution list getting richer with brands from partners like Danone, Dacia Plant, Alufix and Mandy. Moreover, this is the year when Interbrands started e-commerce and is looking into the opportunity of developing its own brands.

2014 -Interbrands' portfolio enriched with Kenwood and Axonas, as well as Interbrands newly-launched own brands (Naturalesse, Ops, Bono, Pops, Pleasure&Play, Tucan, Korab, Puerto del Gusto) in the Household Care, Personal Care and Canned Food categories. In November 2014, Interbrands became national logistic services provider for Philip Morris.

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