• We Build on Talent

    At Interbrands, employees are a part of a culture of recognition and respect, as they work in an environment that fosters both personal and professional growth. As market leader, we attract, retain and develop the Talents of the industry, securing a dynamic, demanding, stimulating, development-centered working environment.

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  • Growth for the Client,

    Value for the Customer

    We are fullycommitted to addressing the consumers 'needs, no matter where they shop daily (on top of a mountain or down town the big cities). We strive to provide excellent value for the shoppers, as well as business growth built on outstanding service for the stores.

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  • Enjoy the Right Choice!

    Interbrands is the right choice for its employees, clients, partners, consumers and for its shareholder. All should enjoy having made this choice just as much as we in Interbrands enjoy being together, getting things done and striving for excellence.

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  • First-Class Partner

    to First-Class Brands

    At Interbrands we believe in long-term, sustainable partnerships with key FMCG players, resulting in building market-leading brands. Our 20 years of experience together with these top partners delivered top-of-the-line results: most brands in Interbrands' portfolio have become category leaders over time.

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  • Commitment to Excellence

    in Service

    We make a difference on the market through our unique full-service national network, that provides us with the logistic capabilities and commercial knowledge to cover directly all channels – international accounts, wholesalers, sub-distributors, supermarkets, pharmacies, high-frequency stores, e-commerce.

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As a tribute to its 135 anniversary, Wella Professionals returned home to Germany to celebrate the most extravagant and praised hair styling event - Wella Trend Vision. Over 1400 hair stylists from all over the world reunited in Berlin, 69 contestants from 37 countries participated in the International Trend Vision Award Competition, each having prepared a creative masterpiece meant to highlight their talent in specific hair styling areas (Young Talent or Color Vision).

Romania was represented in Berlin by ALINA IULIA CALIN, Salon Ayo Cut and Color from Pitesti, and RADU DICA, Z Salon from Sibiu. They were the winners of the national Wella National Trend Vision Award organized by Professional Brands Marketing & Distribution.  This year, ALINA IULIA CALIN, from the Wella Professionals Romaniateam, won the award Color Vision PEOPLE’S CHOICE– the fifth prize in the portfolio of the Romanian hair stylists supported by Professional Brands Marketing & Distribution along the years. In 2011, the same ALINA IULIA CALIN won the silver medal in the Wella International Trend Vision Competition in New York. In 2012, LUCIAN BUSUIOC won People’s Choice Award and the silver medal in the Color Vision section of the prestigious international competition, while in 2014 ALEXANDRU GHERASE won People’s Choice Award.

“We couldn’t be more delighted to see Romania on the Wella International Trend Vision Award’s podium for the 4th year in a row. We have been consistently focused on sound professional development in the beauty industry in Romania for over 20 years, so it makes us very proud to see the Romanian hair stylists acknowledged and rewarded in international competitions’’ says Cristina Ricu, Marketing Manager Professional Brands Marketing & Distribution.


The latest big achievement abroad for Interbrands in 2015: the team has been awarded with the Braun Award in the section “Best Braun On-line Executions” across GDM hub, at the GDM Braun Meeting (Zagreb, November 2015) .

The prize was granted based on Interbrands’ „on-line results based on a strong partnership with eMag”, as our team’s presentation “Braun eMAG & on-line environment Romania” held in front of a large audience of distributors and P&G team in Zagreb was appraised as the best in the region.

The Interbrands team involved in this amazing on-line project  (Catalin Orasteanu, Gabriel Nica, Luiza Ion, Cosmin Baluta, Adriana Dinu) reached an outstanding result in 2015 (doubling the online business versus. previous year) through relentless commitment, hard work and passion.

ENJOY THE GREEN CHOICE: Interbrands moving to hybrid car engine technology (2015)

In the summer of 2015 Interbrands became the first Romanian owner of large commercial fleets switching to the “green” technology, taking its environment-related responsibilities very serious. Starting with the second semester of 2015, the company plans to have its fleet renewal program based entirely on hybrid technology vehicles, so that - by end 2020 - Interbrands will have all its company fleet (more than 480 cars used by employees) consisting of vehicles as such. The partnership between Interbrands and Toyota Romania contributed significantly to this business decision, as Toyota provides a range of hybrid vehicles wide enough to meet the complex requirements of Interbrands' fleet structure.

Apart from the driver-related advantages generated by the hybrid technology (owed to the combination between a conventional and an electric engine), the ecological efficiency of a hybrid vehicle (both in terms of waste emissions and fuel consumption) was a fundamental decision influencer when Interbrands decided to have a “green fleet”.


When we created, we’ve tried to find ways to explain why we were NOT "just another online shop". What was revealed to us was actually a value we all in the Shopidoki team treasured: time must be spent with the dear ones, not in line in some store!

After an exhausting supermarket shopping session, between the traffic jams and the queues at the cash registers, getting home and having no energy for your family was not exactly our idea of time wisely spent. Therefore, everything in and about Shopidoki is respect for your time: a quick, safe and pleasant shopping experience that allows you to be there for your dear ones whenever and for how long you desire.

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In the Maminet universe, every mother finds what she needs. Our present for you is the time you would have wasted going from store to store or searching for the best parenting advice. If you just tell us your baby’s age / gender, Maminet becomes your very own website: our medical advice, parenting answers, product suggestions or event proposals will be directly related to the needs of your baby.

We have the widest range of baby products, quick and free delivery, sound medical and parenting advice from the specialists in Regina Maria Medical Network. You will not have to wait very long until you will find on Maminet everything you need for your household, so that our website will change into a room of your home, where you just go in and choose what you need.

Let us prove, together, that a mother who is on Maminet makes the best choices for her family!

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