• Enjoy the Right Choice!

    Interbrands is the right choice for its employees, clients, partners, consumers and for its shareholder. All should enjoy having made this choice just as much as we in Interbrands enjoy being together, getting things done and striving for excellence.

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  • Growth for the Client,

    Value for the Customer

    We are fullycommitted to addressing the consumers 'needs, no matter where they shop daily (on top of a mountain or down town the big cities). We strive to provide excellent value for the shoppers, as well as business growth built on outstanding service for the stores.

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  • First-Class Partner

    to First-Class Brands

    At Interbrands we believe in long-term, sustainable partnerships with key FMCG players, resulting in building market-leading brands. Our 20 years of experience together with these top partners delivered top-of-the-line results: most brands in Interbrands' portfolio have become category leaders over time.

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  • Commitment to Excellence

    in Service

    We make a difference on the market through our unique full-service national network, that provides us with the logistic capabilities and commercial knowledge to cover directly all channels – international accounts, wholesalers, sub-distributors, supermarkets, pharmacies, high-frequency stores, e-commerce.

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  • We Build on Talent

    At Interbrands, employees are a part of a culture of recognition and respect, as they work in an environment that fosters both personal and professional growth. As market leader, we attract, retain and develop the Talents of the industry, securing a dynamic, demanding, stimulating, development-centered working environment.

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About Working at Interbrands

Interbrands’ employees are our most competitive asset in a challenging and fast-paced industry, and our success derives from the way we develop this outstanding asset.

Whatever your starting point might be in Interbrands, opportunities for development and promotion are open to you. At Interbrands, you will interact with industry experts, you will gain valuable on-the-job training and you will apply your experience and knowledge towards achieving ambitious goals.

We will help you find your strong points and we will choose together the best way to capitalize your potential. We do this through thorough, objective evaluation and the roll-out of a development system based on competency appraisal.

An important part of the evaluation process will be your Individual Development Plan: no matter what job you have, you will have the freedom to evolve in the direction that suits you best and for which you are most prepared.

Without diminishing the importance of formal training, Interbrands focuses on the “on-the-job training and coaching” system. We organize such training programs every year, in order to help our employees develop soft skills (relationship-building, communication, objective setting, leadership etc.) but also technical abilities (commercial, logistical, financial, etc.)

If you join Interbrands, you will be part of a high-performing organization, with managers dedicated to the development of their teams, next to whom you will be working towards meeting the highest standards and you will have fun while doing that.

…real people tell real stories

Testimonial 1
"What is it that I like about IBR? The people you work with, that you find an answer to any question, and that you receive clear explanations to everything, and that there is no question of "head-dropping" if one makes a mistake. It is the job where you can’t get bored, for which you often dream at night about how to go about achieving a goal. For active persons is everything you can wish for, because you evolve here, you’re not limited, both intellectually and spiritually. There are always things to learn and to grow, business-wise and personally. You can find here people that you can truly rely on."- employee of Interbrands since 2007, Bucharest

Testimonial 2
"It is the first company that legally hired me, about 7 years ago. After two months, I was sure that everything is professional, legal and transparent. Once you get involved and you want better and better results, you will see that your weekend friends are actually your colleagues during the week. The team is my main driver. Every day I work with excitement. Maybe I could find better jobs, if we speak about financial reward vs. work performed, but I just don’t take them into account, I simply dismiss them. You don’t have time to get bored, nothing is “set in stone”, everything can change. Interbrands is truly a school for sales, but also for life. I do not want to think about how I was 6, 5 or 4 years ago. Managers I had over the years knew how to motivate and help me grow. I learned a lot, not only about my job but also to have an image about my future in general. "- employee of Interbrands since 2006, Craiova

Testimonial 3
"I came in IBR from another sales job, in a moment when I wasn’t sure it was wise to change my job, but the values they told me about at the interviews convinced me. I don’t work here for the money, but for the things I learned and the fine people I work with. I like the fact that people who do things right and show that they can make things happen, they will evolve. I'm the living proof of that, being promoted after just 10 months in Interbrands. I like teamwork; I like people helping each other, from a simple task as an invoice to a complex one, as the complete support on new sale initiations. Here I found many friends, not just colleagues. It is the first working place where I remained friends with people even after they’ve left the company. Recruitment system is great, because puts together many valuable and talented people." – employee of Interbrands since 2011, Bucharest

Testimonial 4
"I work in IBR for the team, for the prestige of the company, for what it represents for the Romanian market, for its image that we created. Interbrands is a great company in many ways: financially, the contests that motivate us to grow - it is true that I’ve won many of them – and because we never meet routine. It is really a sales school, I learned a lot, and I am learning more. I have a job in a successful company, and I know it will not disappear over the night." – employee of Interbrands since 2011, Campina

Testimonial 5
"I am in IBR because of the working environment, because of my team and the people I interact with. IBR is a serious company that delivers what it promises, I never had unpleasant surprises. I love what I do, it’s not repetitive work."- employee of Interbrands since 1999, Bistrita

Testimonial 6
"There are always new challenges in IBR, there is constant change; we are not set on a particular thing. We are all friends, like a great family, including the bosses I have. I never looked for another job because here I always learn a lot. I started as a merchandiser, then salesperson and now spare. There are many people from whom you can learn, we help each other in every way. If you want to do something, you receive support from your managers and colleagues. I do not see myself elsewhere. And I recommend to anyone to come to IBR because it is really cool!" – employee of Interbrands since 2004, Cluj-Napoca

Testimonial 7
"IBR is unique, starting with its seIection process, very different from other companies. I’ve worked here for almost 3 years and I like my job. IBR respects its employees, takes care of them, assures them good working conditions, as well as financial ones. I love what I do and I do my job well because of IBR trainings and because of my managers. For me it’s a pleasure to work, but I still have much to learn. I recommend to anyone to come here because, besides working conditions and wages, there is the advantage in human development at all levels. I evolved a lot in these three years, I am more mature and wise." – employee of Interbrands since 2010, Sighetu Marmatiei

Testimonial 8
"I work in IBR primarily because we are a team of professionals; I am motivated and if I want to promote, it’s only up to me. Initially I didn’t know much about IBR, but now I got to like it, why? Because we are a team! I love my job because I like success, I want to be "the best". To like a job in IBR and to remain there, it’s very important to think that you have no limits, that there is no "I can’t do this". You have to think "boundless". The most important thing for us is that we are a team and my manager is the best of all."- employee of Interbrands since 2011, Cernavoda

Testimonial 9
"IBR is actually the most important business for me. I see IBR as the company that gave me a chance when I needed it. I was helped whenever I needed, for me IBR is really “the right choice”. I am proud to be part of IBR and I am enviable, I sell 70% of products sold by a store. Now I am “X from Interbrands”, not just “X”. I see IBR as a family, we are as one and by that I don’t mean just the sales team. It is the company that finds solutions. There are always people helping you develop, there's nothing hidden, everything is transparent, explained, measured, fair, promises are kept. IBR has high expectations, too. It's normal. They give you a lot, they ask for a lot in exchange.” - employee of Interbrands since 2010, Braila

Testimonial 10
"Here I found good people, in all divisions and departments. The vast majority are people with a vision and they not deviate from it. We are pulling in the same direction. I appreciate the seriousness of the company, when they promise something, they deliver it. I like the way we work with clients, the position you have in front of customers: it gives you reliability, trust that you are not alone, that you have a back-up team that supports you with everything, that you have where to call for help. I am proud that we are one step ahead in everything (sales, equipment, logistics). We are the visionaries." – employee of Interbrands since 2010, Slobozia

Testimonial 11
"Interbrands is a company where you can truly develop, professionally. It's clear that there will be changes and we have to follow the trend – sometimes it’s hard. It’s obvious that we must be optimistic and eager to build together a relationship as a family. Interbrands is a company that relies heavily on teamwork and friendship, for better and worse. "- employee of Interbrands since 2011, Timisoara

Testimonial 12
"When I think of IBR I think of professional conduct, reliability, good things that happen, engagement, self-improvement. One can develop incredibly, both professionally and personally. I come with great pleasure to work, because it fits me. With us you learn every day, you grow continuously. I would recommend everyone to come to work in IBR, it helps your personal evolution." – employee of Interbrands since 2002, Sibiu

Testimonial 13
"I was tempted by the perspective of working in a big company and that’s why I came to IBR. Now, knowing the people, I have no regrets. There are exceptional people who support you in every step. There are times when you're wrong and they support you to fix the mistake and not repeat it. You have many opportunities for promotion, if you're doing your job properly. I also like IBR parties, we know how to party, but we also know to be serious when needed." – employee of Interbrands since 2012, Bucharest



All recruitment, evaluation and training systems of Interbrands have lead to the development of that professional team who placed Interbrands first in its industry. The majority of managerial positions in Interbrands are occupied by team members who have been promoted from within Interbrands, proof of an excellence-centered talent management system.

Anca Hirtopeanu
Anca was among the very first employees of Interbrands, as she joined the Interbrands team as Van-Sale Representative in 1993 and got promoted to management within the Sales Department during the next five years. In 1998 she accepted the challenge to further develop her career as P&G Balkans Unit Manager, and when she returned in Interbrands in 2001 she took over all responsibilities connected to the leading of the sales team. After seven years as an exceptional Country Manager, in 2009 Anca took the job of Business Development Manager, accountable for the implementation of all multi-year development strategies of Interbrands.

Gabriel Decu
Immediately after graduation, in 1998, Gabi entered the company as Van-Sale Representative for P&G division. One year and a half later, based upon his outstanding achievements, he was promoted in the company management team, as Area Sales Supervisor for P&G, then Regional Sales Manager, straight to the top position of National Sales Manager for P&G, in 2002. Five years later, Gabriel shifted to National Operations Manager, becoming responsible for the continuous efficiency process in Interbrands’ operational divisions and for the Interbrands’ auto fleet.

Flaviu Beloiu
Flaviu started his career at Interbrands in 1997 as Van-Sale Representative for P&G Division. Two years later he became Van-Sale Supervisor, Team Leader for the Craiova Van-Sale Representatives. He enriched his experience during a three-year project with P&G, returning in Interbrands as National Sales Manager for Gilette division. Later, in 2005, he took the position of National Sales Manager for Retail division. For the last six years he is in the demanding position of National Sales Manager, leading all the sales force of Interbrands.

Gabriel Nica
One of the youngest managers of Interbrands, Gabriel Nica started his career in Interbrands in 2007 as Pre-Seller Pharma in Iasi. Shortly, his achievements spoke for themselves, so in the course of the same year Gabi was promoted Distribution Account Manager P&G Division, relocating to Bucharest. In 2009 Gabi became Area Sales Manager MIXT Division Bucharest, bringing energy and results both into the team and the sales routes. In 2011 Gabi took over the challenge to lead the sales development team of Interbrands, „The Super Sales Force”, with whom he will manage to successfully set up a new division in Interbrands – the Rural Division. Starting 2013 Gabi expands his professional horizon with the Account Handler position, dealing with the international corporate clients of Interbrands.

Sever Nica
Sever started with Interbrands in 1999, as P&G Merchandiser. He joined the management team of the Sales department in 2002, as Area Sales Supervisor, after a brief period as Van Sales Representative. 2005 is the year of Sever’s transition to the Regional Sales Manager position, at first for the Retail division, then for Nestle Purina (NPP). In July 2007 he became Business Unit Manager, his current position, accountable for partnerships such as Duracell, Kotanyi, P&G Exports, 3M, Henkel.

Mihai Constantinescu
Mihai joined Interbrands in 1996, as Van-Sale Representative, subsequently entering Interbrands’ management team as Area Sales Supervisor. Mihai’s outstanding business achievements recommended him for the superior steps on his career path (Area Sales Manager, then Regional Sales Manager), up to the challenges of Business Unit Manager, position he occupies since 2008, his main accountabilities being towards Procter&Gamble.

Andreea (Calin) Pal
Andreea joined the Interbrands in 2000 as PC Operator, four years later being promoted as Operations Coordinator, with the task of re-organizing the Cluj branch of Interbrands; the next step in her career was the appointment as Cluj Distribution Center Manager, as an addition to the Operations Coordinator job. She had remarkable results in transforming the Cluj branch in Distribution Center (DC) for the West Area, and that was, back in 2006, her recommendation for her current job, as Customer Service (Logistic) Manager.

Dan Penta
Dan joined Interbrands more than 13 years ago, in October 1994 as Van-Sale Representative. In 1999 he became Area Sales Supervisor, while in 2000 he took over the positions of Operations Supervisor (coordonating all Interbrands’ operations for the area Arad-Oradea). Since 2006 Dan is Distribution Center Manager for DC Timisoara, overseeing the operations of the company for the entire Western part of the country.

Corina Ciorba
Corina started in Interbrands in 2000 in the Accounting Department, where she spent 4 years before deciding that she wanted a shift in her career, as Sales Assistant to the National Sales Manager of the P&G Division. This job helped her explore and develop her process improvement / process re-organizing competency set, so she became Operation Development Manager in 2006, position which she held for 6 years (with a special assignment of Distribution Center Manager in 2007) and got promoted Regional Operations Manager in 2012; in her current position, Corina is accountable for the accuracy and efficiency of the operational flows for half of the country.

Mona Dumitriu
Mona joined Interbrands in 2004 as Van Sale Representative for the Gillette Division. In March 2005 she started working with Key Account-type clients, first as Junior and then Senior Key Account Executive. Her outstanding performance got her promoted to Area Sales Manager in July 2006, while in 2008 she started working as Account Handler, building the business in International Accounts. In March 2009 Mona became the Regional Sales Manager of the Pharma Division, securing the development of Interbrands’ business on this channel nation-wide.

Catalin Orasteanu
Catalin’s first job in Interbrands was also his very first exposure to Sales, his previous work-experience being in the academic field. He started off in 2004 as Van Sale Representative for the Gillette Division in Sibiu, and shortly got promoted to Key Account Executive in Brasov, same division. In 2006 Catalin became Area Sales Manager for the P&G Division team in Constanta, while in July 2007 he started working as Account Handler, consolidating his business expertise in International Accounts. Since September 2008 Catalin is Regional Sales Manager, accountable for the development of multiple businesses over the years.

Flaviu Daian
Flaviu started in Interbrands in December 2000 as Distribution Sales Representative in the British American Tobacco Division, where he managed to grow the business in a difficult area, then to develop efficiently a Key Account portfolio. In 2005 Flaviu was promoted to Area Sales Manager for what was then the Food Division, when he had to overcome challenges like replacing 4 other Area Sales Managers (which were vacant positions), having 14 Key Account Executives as direct reports and overseeing an area of accountability from Timisoara to Ploiesti. Achievements as such got him the promotion to Regional Sales Manager in 2007, position held to the present day.

Bogdan Jula
Bogdan joined Interbrands in 2006 as Pre-Seller Braun for 7 counties, working equally well with a wide range of clients (from international accounts to independent sellers), and being particularly focused on quality in the store. He was promoted to Area Sales Manager in 2007, accountable for Constanta area, while in 2009 he started working as Account Handler, building the business in International Accounts. In April 2012 Bogdan became the Regional Sales Manager of the MultiPrincipal Division, then (In January 2013) of the Traditional Top Trade Division.